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Media Club House Inc. is a privately held company. Our major goal his to be one of the top companies in media publishing and business acquisitions. We provide services such asbusiness management, business acquisition, web design, web development, mobile application development, web hosting, app development, logistics, marketing & branding, business consulting, growth management, book/magazine publishing, government services, educational service consulting, precious metal supplier, music production, film production, SEO, after school programming, and community project development.


EVO MAGAZINE® covers Reality shows, Social Media and Pop Culture. Magazines have to EVOLVE if they are going to be successful in the new landscape. We are here to embrace the evolution of television & social media. We bring you behind the scene stories, and interviews with the stars of your favorite Reality TV Shows. We give you what’s hot in POP culture and your favorite social media stars. We define celebrity, drive conversation and inspire action. We are your everyday escape, taking you inside the lives of the world’s most intriguing people and making you an integral part of the cultural conversation. Whether it’s a YouTube Star, Movie Star, Music Star, Social Media Star, Reality Show Star we bring it to you unfiltered to the Newsstand and Digital world.

The world of reality television has dominated the networks for the past decade. Since the early 2000s, there has been a rapid growth of reality television and major networks have joined in since production costs are low and franchises can be hugely profitable, and often the cast members of reality shows attain more fame than broadcast television actors and actresses. 200 Plus reality shows are fighting for the audience on TV, and they are announcing new shows every month. We believe that EVO MAGAZINE will be the vehicle to market their shows to a new audience. We aim to give our readers an inside story on their favorite reality show character.


Andrae Givans - CEO and founder
June Carey - President
Winston Mitchell - VP of International Operations
Frederick Mcbeth - VP of New York Operations
Dr. Ba’sim Zaki Adib - VP Educational Services
Ben Powell - VP of Community Outreach
Ancil Cox - Director Music & Film East Coast
Josua Cook - Director Music & Film West Coast
Micheal Foster, CPA - FosterCo, LLC
Bevon Mclean, ESQ - McLean Ravensworth LLC


Andrae Givans - Editor-in-Chief
Bill Stutts - President
Sam Modad - MMR
Ben Powell- Director of Promotions
JB - VP of International Touring
Wess Preston - VP Media Promotion
Chiquitta “Elegeant” Hills - Press & Talent Relations | elegeant@theevomagazine.com
William Adams - Director of Talent